I'm a 25 year old hacker hell bent on changing the world.

I have built things ranging from web applications, to html 5 mobile applications, to event-based distributed systems running on clusters, to byte-level exploit code, and even physical hardware devices powered by microcrontrollers... all from the ground up.

I love developing, desinging, and coding across the stack; however, my biggest loves at the moment are JavaScript, Node, CoffeeScript, Rails, HTML5, and building bad ass web applications. I also love security... and playing with my Arduino.

When I'm not hacking away on code or brainstorming new ideas, you can normally find me researching the latest security topics and trends. I've done a lot of work consulting in that area over the past several years and have even been featured on the news a few times (including this story that won an emmy!).

I'm currently working on a web based CMS for designing and publishing cross-platform mobile apps called Lucid Appeal. I'm also doing consulting work for both web application development and security, please contact me if you are interested in my services or would like to chat.

I'm a USC alum (fight on Trojans!) and am currently living in Hollywood, CA. Other topics that I enjoy and hobbies include physics (specfically modern physics, and especially quantum physics), anything to do with space and the universe, good food, good beer, wine, traveling, a good day out on a boat, grilling (especially on Sundays), snow boarding, really anything involving being outdoors (camping, hiking, fishing, fires, lakes, etc), and of course Trojan football, among other things. I've always wanted to go skydiving; I think I'll do that soon. I also hope to one day travel to the moon.